Playboy Trouble: How Twitter Tinkered With Hugh Hefner's Engagement

Once in a while, celebrity news reminds us just how gossip-y Twitter can be. This week, Hugh Hefner got engaged to one of his Playmates, Crystal Harris, and the news came out on Twitter. Of course, gossip web sites have been spreading news like this for ages, but when tweets are involved, there’s a kind of universality that can make things messy.

The problem arose when Holly Madison, Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, saw the tweet announcing the engagement. Madison dated Hefner for six years, and the problem she has with this engagement tweet is clear: The pair broke up in 2008 because he didn’t want to get married. Madison, who is 31 to Harris’s 24, planned to meet with the couple — to discuss what, we are left to imagine? — for an encounter that will appear on the “Holly’s World” reality television show. The Associated Press has reported that Madison threatened to kick Harris’s butt if she messes with her ex.

Although of course, some of the things you read about Hefner on Twitter can’t possibly be true:

And anytime the Playboy scene is involved, you can be sure there’s some drama stirring. The results of the three-way meeting between Madison, Harris, and Hefner remain to be seen on national television. But in the meantime, we can count on Twitter to supply the sassy comments.

Do you think Hefner’s marriage plans are tweet-worthy?