Playboy Mansion Outbreak, Gross and Growing

Yes, we had to wash our hands after reading this story: there was an outbreak of an infectious disease after a party at the Playboy mansion as part of a DOMAINfest function.

Could you have an easier comedic premise? We mean besides the ’70s decor of the swinging mansion owned by Hugh Hefner.

But apparently the amount of the victims has increased…of the disease…not of the faux rock face. According to Molly Hennessy-Fiske of the LAT more than 170 people have fallen ill after the event:

It was not clear how soon investigators could determine whether the illness is legionellosis, a milder form of Legionnaires’ disease caused by a bacterium that grows in warm water and can take root in hot tubs or parts of air-conditioning systems, according to the CDC.

Gross. Gross. Gross.