A Vintage Job Interview and a Vintage Couch

“Do you like Jack Daniels?”

That’s how it all started at Playboy for photographer Jeff Cohen. He began drinking whiskey with the magazine’s photo editor, who never looked at Cohen’s portfolio during the job interview but did find time to ask, in between shots, when Cohen wanted to start.


These days, Cohen, 69, is a Chicago small business owner, having retired from the Playboy ranks in 2011 and relaunched himself the following year as a portrait photographer. Per a recent Chicago Tribune piece, he has at his storefront studio a unique reminder of his decades at the men’s magazine: a couch wedged into the trunk space of a 1954 Chevrolet BelAir:

California artist Phil Garner created this iconic piece of functional art in the 1970s. Cohen, who at the time lived in San Francisco, photographed it for Car & Driver magazine. Garner gifted it to him when the sculptor moved to Los Angeles, and it has occupied a space in every office in which Cohen has worked since then.

During Cohen’ decades at Playboy, the vintage Chevy couch attracted a number of visiting celebrities, including John Candy, Pete Rose, Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan and Cohen’s boss, Hugh Hefner, who posed alongside any number of Playmates and girlfriends.

For his fall Saturday Open House, Cohen leveraged the recently re-upholstered couch for a great “Take a Seat for Charity” effort. Anyono who brought and donated a children’s coat or pair of boots got to walk away with a Hef-dusted keepsake photo.

Photo via: Facebook