Playboy Gets Political

By now, we’ve all been told about the “Republican war on women.” It’s one of the go-to talking points for liberals these days. But, here’s a perspective we haven’t gotten until now. Playboy has entered the fray with their November issue. Author and activist Nancy L. Cohen has a piece that focuses on the policies of Willard Mitt Romney and how he will wage “war on your sex life.” (I won’t make an obvious, easy joke about how I read Playboy for the articles, and besides, the articles in Juggs are MUCH better written.)

Cohen tries to make the case that Romney wants to take us back to the dark ages of sex. What’s her prediction? Playboy says, “As Americans ready themselves for another presidential election and watch the Rio Olympics, most of the old porn-friendly computers have been sent off to the scrap heap of history. In half the nation abortion is illegal and birth control is rare. The average age of marriage has plummeted to 20. The notion of casual sex is a fantasy, the sexual revolution history. The sexual counter-revolutionaries have won.”

Romney has five sons, so we know that he’s had sexual intercourse with Ann at least 5 times. He also looks like the kind of guy who actually calls it sexual intercourse in the middle of the act, so I don’t know if he greases that wheel very often.

You can read the whole piece here, but it goes to Playboy‘s website, so be careful reading it if you’re at work.