Playboy Exclusive: Former Dem Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer on Obama, 2016

playboyIn the latest issue of Playboy, Jeff Greenfield sits down with former Democratic governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer to discuss the current political landscape, from U.S. involvement in the Middle East to a critical evaluation of President Barack Obama and a potential 2016 run for president.

On 2016 aspirations:

“Well, if I decide to run for president, my message has to be very crisp and clear—one, two, three. There’s no four, five and six; it’s one, two, three. And that message has to be what I say each time I’m asked a question. If the question is “Is the window dirty?” then I say, “Yup, and that’s why we have to create jobs for the next generation…But if I’m in a debate with four other people, well, you can’t possibly discuss all the things I’ve thought about and all the ways we can reform. But you can say, “Look, these are the three things we’re going to get done during the first year, and this is why.”

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