Playboy Enterprises Hires Christopher Pachler Away From Sony

playboy-bunny-head_4.27.10.jpgPlayboy CEO Scott Flanders has certainly proven that he is not afraid of change, so far outsourcing operations and striking a deal with IMG Licensing Worldwide to oversee Playboy Enterprise Inc.’s activities in Asia under his watch. His latest move draws new blood into the company by creatively borrowing Christopher Pachler, Sony Pictures’ former senior vice president for strategy and operations. Pachler will join Playboy Enterprises to serve as the company’s executive vice president and chief financial officer.

According to Flanders, the hire is poised to turn the company into a “premier brand management company” beyond merely a magazine and series of nightclubs that inspire certain individuals to procure Playboy Bunny tattoos on the lower back region of one’s person whilst shouting, quote, “Woo. Woo.” Says Flanders:

We are in the process of transforming Playboy into a premier brand management company, and Christoph will accelerate our progress. We will draw on his wide range of experiences, and his responsibilities will extend well beyond those of a traditional CFO. Christoph’s background in structuring, negotiating and executing deals will immediately benefit our business units, while our global operations will profit from his in-depth knowledge of international markets. In addition to his numerous business accomplishments, Christoph demonstrated a vision and enthusiasm for the Playboy brand that made him an ideal candidate for this position.