Cooper Hefner Re-Enters the Playboy Fray

Hef hands down the baton of chief creative officer.

There was a small round of editorial layoffs today at Playboy magazine. TheWrap’s Matt Donnelly has all the details, as well as a memo circulated to staff by interim parent company CEO Ben Kohn.

CooperHefnerPicDonnelly and Kohn both arguably buried the lede. Today’s big news is not so much about who was let go on the digital side, but rather, who is rejoining the company:

I am also happy to announce that Cooper Hefner has agreed to return to Playboy Enterprises. As you may know, in addition to being editor in chief of Playboy magazine, our founder, Hugh Hefner, also holds the title of chief creative officer. Cooper Hefner will be assuming this title going forward, focusing on the creative strategy around our continuing transformation into a millennial facing lifestyle brand and the reinvention of our experiences for that audience. Cooper will report to [newly appointed chief marketing officer] Jared [Dougherty].

This sets up a huge potential scenario. Namely, Hef’s son playing a major role in the successful long-term reinvention of the Playboy brand.

The move comes after Cooper gave an interview in February to Business Insider, during which he harshly criticized now-departed CEO Scott Flanders’ decision to eliminate nudity from the U.S. print and web editions of the magazine. Cooper previously worked as an international brand ambassador and also sat in on board meetings.

Cooper has penned an editorial on his site and framed this news with the tweet “exciting times ahead.” Indeed. As part of the move, Cooper will integrate his new venture Hop with Playboy Enterprises.

Photo of Cooper Hefner via: Twitter