Play Uno with a Twist in Luno PlaySpace on Facebook

luno playspace 650Mobile and social game company PlaySpace has launched eight multiplayer games across Facebook and mobile devices, hoping to capture the same success in the US that it has found in Latin America with games for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets. Part of that lineup is Luno PlaySpace, the company’s take on the card game Uno.

In Luno PlaySpace, gamers spend at least 50 coins to access games against other real-world players (higher bet amounts are also available). Each game sees users working to play all of the cards from their hand by playing cards that match the color or number of the active card on the discard pile. Uno fans will recognize the “special” cards here, as wilds (including draw four wilds), draw two cards, reverses and skips are available. However, the game does come with a few differences when compared to traditional Uno.

For one, players don’t have to call out “Uno” when they’re down to their last card. Games can also last three rounds, with any cards remaining in the “loser’s” hand after their opponent goes out counting towards points the player doesn’t want.

In addition, users can stack matching digit cards, playing multiple cards in a single turn. That is, if a player has three ‘5’ cards in their hand, for instance, they can play all three in a single turn, choosing the final color they’d like to rest on top of the discard pile. Draw cards can also be stacked, meaning each player can play a draw two or a draw four, one right after the other, and only the final player actually has to draw cards. Luno PlaySpace on FacebookPlayers earn achievements as they play (which help them level up), and can chat with others in real-time via the in-game chat room. The game’s top players are listed in a leaderboard for weekly rankings, based on the experience points they’ve earned.

While there’s no traditional energy or lives system here, gamers can only play until they run out of coins, and can either watch videos to receive more, wait for them to appear automatically each day, or purchase them with real money. Like in Bingo PlaySpace, gamers can also bet their existing coins on a small slot machine in the corner of the screen, which represents another PlaySpace game, Restaurant Slots PlaySpace.

Rounding out the experience is an in-game marketplace, which allows users to spend coins on decorative items for their in-game profile badge, or on boosts that affect their gameplay, or that of others. One increases the number of points players win by playing games for a limited time, while another takes luck away from other players in the game. All of these items can also be purchased with a separate premium currency, saving the coins for playing games.

Luno PlaySpace is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is also available on iOS.