Play The Game

One of the most popular games on the Internet is, guess what company X is going to announce at Y. The latest round of this game is guessing what Microsoft will be announcing at the Mobile World Congress. Microsoft has confirmed that Steve Ballmer will be hosting a press conference at the event, so that confirms there will be an announcement by Microsoft significant enough to make Steve fly to Barcelona.

Over the weekend we saw leaks posted on various web sites providing possible details about what will be Windows Phone 7. We can’t be certain what, if any, of the details are true, but I think it is safe to say that the announcement will likely leave some people happy and others disappointed.

I personally don’t expect to see much detail in the announcements. It’s all but certain that we will see some screenshots of the Windows 7 UI, and it is likely to be similar to the screen shots we have seen of Windows 6.5.3. Beyond the screen shots, I doubt that we’ll see any news of Pink, which Mary Jo Foley has been reporting as the code name for Microsoft’s replacement of the Sidekick. If you don’t recall, Sidekick is a consumer oriented smartphone exclusively sold by T-Mobile and was made by a company called Danger, until it was acquired by Microsoft.

We’ll likely hear more about Microsoft services to support the Windows Phones, such as MyPhone, which has been around for a while but hasn’t got a lot of traction. I also expect we’ll hear about the hardware partners who will make Windows Phone devices, but we won’t hear much specifics about actual ship dates.

There, now I have played the game too. If you have some ideas about what we’ll learn, or maybe what you hope we’ll learn, about Windows Phone 7 next week, why not post a comment?