Play Quizzes on Twitter with Twivial

Though there have only been a few games developed on top of Twitter so far, we are now seeing more and more of them. Large Animal Games, the developer of social games like Lucky Strike Lanes, has just released a new game called Twivial that is built around the “following” feature of Twitter. As the name suggests, it is a quiz game.

Assuming you have a Twitter account, all you need do is follow @twivia_bot. Every 15 minutes, twivia_bot will begin a new round by updating its status with a question. From movies to music (to pretty much anything), the question topics vary widely.

Here’s how the game works: When you are posed the question, and you wish to answer it, you can simply direct message the answer to twivia_bot. You can also visit  Once there, simply type in your answer and click “guess.” The game’s coding will be able to recognize answers that are relatively similar to the correct answer. Each player gets two guesses per round. There is a total of 240 points available for those who answer correctly. The faster you answer, the more of those available points you earn. If you answer before anyone else, you can move into bonus rounds afterwards. Should players answer incorrectly, they will be given the proper answer.

Twivial is a nice procrastination-inducing tool for Twitter’s power users, though it’s not meant to be a stand-alone title. Instead, it’s supposed to be mixed in with the plethora of games (and people) an individual user may be following.

The game has a few downsides. One is that each round feels very independent of the others. In other words, each question feels like its own little mini-game rather than many questions making up one game.

Although the game has some leaderboards that show statistics such as the total accumulation of player points all-time, it would be nice (especially for attracting new players) to have daily games and track those as well. The game also lacks some basic social features, such as the ability to know who you are playing. Even those trivia games you play at restaurants display the other players.

Overall, Twivial is a good addition to the Twitter platform. While the game needs to add some social features, Twivial is constantly being updated and changed, so we could see some changes happen in the future.