Play Games, Earn Money, Cash Out With Yoo-Mee Games

yoomaaYoo-Mee, a new product from Hooked Media Group, is a new social gaming platform that introduces the ability to win real money and prizes. By enabling users to play cash tournaments and one-on-one challenges, players have the ability to win “Gold”, which is measured in real dollars and can be cashed out at any time. The concept of virtual currencies which can be cashed out has not been done yet by the many virtual currencies available on Facebook, and Yoo-Mee is attempting to be the first mover.

Hooked Media Group has been developing Yoo-Mee for the past year and half with the backing of USVP and Altos Ventures, and the plans for the Yoo-Mee platform include supporting Facebook, mobile phones and independent websites, so that a player would be able to sign in and play their Yoo-Mee games no matter where they are. This is already in its first stages, with a YooMee Facebook Application currently at ~15,000 MAUs. The game quality here is very high, and you’re able to play live tournaments and wager Gold against other players. Within the first few moments, I had played a few games of Conan vs Leno, Luxor and Snackman, and each game was amplified by the thrill of winning real money.

Yoo-Mee defines the connected user experience as follows:

1) FB: A player could go to Yoo-Mee on FB ( to play great games, like Zuma or Amazonia. They can then challenge a friend or top scorer for real money.

2) Web: A player could visit one of our network of partners, like, and similarly play anyone from across the network of publishers or on Facebook and post to FB about their results. In addition, this approach is a great lead gen for publishers, since FB posts are not widely utilized by publisher today to enable their users to drive traffic back to their sites. Ex. when a player plays Zuma on ArticleSnatch and posts about their high score on FB, they bring back their friends to ArticleSnatch to join in their fun.

3) Mobile: A player could go on their mobile device and play each other or check on their overall status across of all Yoo-Mee (FB, web or mobile.)

This model has been done in the past by companies like, but the redeemable virtual currency wasn’t a part of those attempts. The question of legality does come into play, as one of the most difficult challenges for the online poker industry in the USA is the limit on converting virtual currency to real money. The UIGEA indicates that any type of ‘bet’ made online should follow the law of the state, and seeing that most states have this outlawed, it is difficult for any banking institution to do any transaction with a company that engages in online gambling. Whether this will be an issue is still to be debated, and we’ll find out more in a future interview with Yoo-Mee.