Play at Being a Pop Star with BreakoutBand

Playing music is fun but, boy, it sure does take a lot of time and energy to learn how to sing or play an instrument. BreakoutBand, a new social music website, looks to rectify this by giving everyone the tools they need to become a pop star.

BreakoutBand is a social music game/creation tool that’s meant to let anyone write their own songs through a little mix and match magic. The system is ridiculously simple to use, offering pitch-shifting and drop-down sample selection for even the most amateur vocalists and musicians. Full Facebook and Twitter sharing has been integrated alongside “star-maker” type features like weekly charts and artist bio pages.

Probably the biggest hook for users considering spending their time creating at BreakoutBand is the site’s current promotion with Old Navy. The site has just kicked off a contest wherein creators can try their hand at writing a new “theme song” for the clothing giant. Winners will be rewarded by having their BreakoutBand-based tune played in nationwide stores and linked through Old Navy’s Twitter.

I’m all for making music easier for non-musicians to explore but there’s something a little off about BreakoutBand that’ll be quickly apparent to many users. The system is so basic that there’s little room for actual creativity and the process is automated to the point where substantial interactivity has taken a backseat to immediate satisfaction.

If you’re into that sort of empowerment then take a look-see for yourself by swinging by BreakoutBand’s official website. If not then it’s back to work at becoming a pop star the hard way.