Play Amazon Cloud Music On An iPhone Or iPad

In March Amazon launched their cloud-based music service, which is a combination of cloud storage called Amazon Cloud Drive, and an MP3 music player called Cloud Player. You can play streaming music on your Cloud Drive using either the Android Cloud Player app, or within a personal computer web browser, but prior to this past weekend, you could not play Amazon’s streaming music on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Amazon now provides the ability to play music on iOS devices using the web version of Cloud Player.

The process to play music on your Cloud Drive on an iOS device is not straight forward because it is not accessible via Amazon’s mobile web site, which is what you see when you load in Safari on an iOS device. You need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap Full Site to open the desktop web version of Amazon in Safari on your device.

Once the full version of Amazon loads, click MP3s & Cloud Player, then Cloud Player for Web to open the web version of Cloud Player. When web cloud player loads, by default it displays all of the songs on your Cloud Drive, but Mobile Safari does not support scrolling through the song list. You can elect to browse your music by Albums or Artists to narrow the music list and then tap the play button on the album or artist name to play all of the songs.

The playback controls, which you see in the screenshot, work including the ability to skip back and forth between tracks. You will notice a slight lag, even on WiFi, when moving between tracks while the song buffers on the device. Playback via the web version of Cloud Player on an iPhone or iPod Touch is not as elegant as with Android because you don’t see the entire screen, but is workable on an iPad. I expect that Amazon will add a mobile web version of Cloud Player to their mobile web site some time in the future.