Platform Policy: Facebook Now Telling Developers to Only Publish One Image in Feed Stories

While Facebook’s publishing rules around feed stories have been pretty stable for a while now, we’re hearing from developers that Facebook has been reaching out and “strongly recommending” that developers change the format of their feed stories to only include one image (instead of three) by next Monday, September 28.

Why? Facebook’s Platform team is telling developers that it wants app feed stories to look less “spammy” and more like Facebook’s own feed stories. Some apps have been publishing three images in each feed item, each the maximum allowable size under the current specs, in order to get more clicks and attention in the stream.

In other words, Facebook is getting more strict with the content that apps put in the feed as a part of its overall efforts to preserve the user experience in the long run. Now, developers will not be able to use the three image slots to effectively form one larger image in the feed – a step that shouldn’t create major problems for developer businesses, but will certainly decrease click-through rates on feed items in the near term.

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