Facebook Platform Glitch Reports Majority Of Applications Have 0 Users

This morning while browsing through out our Facebook application statistics are, I noticed that the leaderboard had changed drastically. Many of the top applications were no longer appearing which didn’t make much sense. After browsing around I noticed that most Facebook applications were now reporting their monthly active users as 0. It’s a minor glitch but it ended up throwing off all of our statistics and developer stats are not being reported properly as well.

Most developers probably don’t notice a substantial impact since they use services like Google Analytics to track the number of visitors to their applications, not relying on Facebook’s public numbers. Facebook has had a few minor glitches and this one is definitely a minor one. Some developers have been reporting that the entire platform has gone down for large periods of time but it’s only in select areas.

Some applications will witness black outs that result in substantial drops in their traffic for a short period of time and then suddenly the traffic returns. The downtime has been unexplainable but I can state confidently that the traffic most definitely didn’t drop to nothing in the past 24 hours. Have you seen your traffic drop at random intervals? Have your users also dropped to 0?