Plarium Releases Magecraft: The War on iOS, Android

MagecraftSocial games company Plarium has announced the launch of Magecaft: The War on iOS and Android devices. The game was originally released on Facebook in June 2014, where it has surpassed two million players, each working to build their own medieval kingdom and defend it against their rivals.

In Magecraft: The War, players are taken to the world of Argento, which once saw peace among the races of dwarfs, elves and even orcs. That peace has dissolved over time, and it’s up to players to rescue the land’s people and restore the kingdom to greatness.

Magecraft: The War mixes city-building and strategy gameplay. Players build their kingdom by balancing the use of key resources, including food, iron, lumber and stone. These items are used to build barracks and other military structures, farms that product more food, mills that product lumber and so on.

Players will construct many buildings relating to the military, with most buildings unlocking one particular unit type for recruitment. For instance, the Dungeon of Souls is used to train Phantasms, while the Swordsmen’s Post unlock the Swordsman unit, and so on. These buildings can be upgraded, which increases the stats of their associated unit type.

MagecraftOnce players have recruited an army, they can send their units into battle against rival camps (both computer and player-owned) on the world map. This sees units traveling and attacking the enemy encampment automatically in the background, so players can get back to building their kingdom. At the end of combat, players receive a report detailing the action, and any loot their units managed to pillage. After battle, any damaged or lost units can be recovered at the infirmary.

In addition, players can research technologies as their kingdom advances. These technologies may increase the production rate of a particular resource, increase the speed of the army’s movement on the map, and more.

Many of the game’s tasks, from recruiting soldiers to constructing buildings, take time to complete. Users can boost their productivity with special time-limit boosts, which take off varying amounts of time from a task, depending on the boost used. If an action requires 15 minutes to complete, for instance, players could use 15 one-minute boosts to complete it instantly, or a single 15-minute boost, and so on.

Players will receive some of these timed boosts for free, but they can also purchase new boosts (among other objects) with premium currency.

For additional social play, gamers can join alliances with other players, and interact with others in real-time chat at the bottom of the gameplay area.

“With MageCraft: The War, our goal was to create a unique world with an engaging history and fascinating storyline,” said Gabi Shalel, chief marketing officer at Plarium, in a statement. “The element of magic in this game is something that appeals to a broad audience. Each player can find something exciting in the world of Argento, but perhaps the most engaging quality is that everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions and decide their own fate within their castle and on the global map.”

Magecraft: The War is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.