Plarium launches Sparta: War of Empires on Facebook


Social game developer Plarium has announced the launch of its newest title on Facebook, Sparta: Wars of Empires. The game takes players to Greece in the 5th Century BC, and places them in the role of a Lord, having just returned home from combat against Xerses and the Persian Empire. The massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) challenges players to build their city-state while also protecting their land from the continuing Persian threat.

In Sparta: Wars of Empires, players build farms, mines and other resource buildings to collect food, bronze and other materials. The game doesn’t offer true freedom in building these structures, as there are set locations to hold them on the game’s map, but gamers make progress by completing quests similar to other city-builders.

Outside of the game’s resource and city management, players can manage their land’s economic, military and political health, signing peace treaties with nearby rulers, recruiting soldiers to protect the land, and more.


What’s more, players can send their units to rival lands in automated combat, pillaging various rewards from their enemies, including free units. Gamers can team up with their friends in alliances, chat with others in real time, and compete against other alliances for control of Greece.

“We have enhanced the quality of this launch with incredibly detailed graphics and special attention to historical references. The 3D graphics alone are awe-inspiring, although we have gone further and enhanced the audio quality as well,” said Avi Shalel, Plarium’s Chief Executive Officer. “Most importantly, the gameplay and processes required for enhanced MMO strategic warfare have been enhanced so that players have a faster, more active and, in the end, more challenging experience.”

Sparta: War of Empires is now available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.

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