Plants vs. Zombies 1.6 for iPhone: Major Update with New Mini-Games

There’s a big update for my favorite iPhone game – Plants vz. Zombies (PvZ). Version 1.6 brings:

– Zen Garden: This is where you can grow plants that rewards you with coins
– Minigames: New sets of mini-games
– Achievements: New achievements to aspire to

Plants vz. Zombies (iTunes App Store)

The Zen Garden is does not appear very appealing if you have already collected a lot of coins. This, however, is just a first impression.

The new Minigames section has two new aspects.
1. You need to be logged in to the Apple Game Center to use it
2. You get new minigames by paying using the PvZ coin system. No real-world money is needed to buy new minigames. However, I will speculate that Popcap will use this mechanism to provide in-app purchases for new levels and minigames that do require payment using real-world money.

The 1.6 update is free. The PvZ for iPhone is $2.99 as a new purchase. This update is only for the iPhone version of the game. Plants vz Zombies HD for the iPad does not have any of these new features.