Plante Channels Kanye: White House “Doesn’t Really Care”

CBS’ Bill Plante, speaking Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources“:

    KURTZ: After Gonzales resigned and President Bush came out and made a statement about his good friend and what a great guy he was and so forth, the White House press corps was kind of out of position, and the White House press corps was not happy about this.

    Can you explain?

    PLANTE: The president was on vacation for about two weeks. There were three major news events while he was on vacation.

    Those reporters who were with him, who were down in Crawford, who were traveling with him — I was not one of them — were out of position for every single one of those major news stories. And on the day he left, he decided in the morning to have a news conference. The press corps that was going to travel with him was already on a plane headed for – headed for the next stop.

    KURTZ: And then it happened again when Karl Rove resigned, and it happened again when Gonzales resigned.

    So the reporters must be saying, we’re spending all this money and time and energy to cover the president. Are they pretty steamed about this?

    PLANTE: Absolutely. But two things.

    In today’s media world, there are other people who can pick up the slack.

    KURTZ: Right.

    PLANTE: And the White House doesn’t really care.