Plans Afoot to Include eBook Buying & Video Viewing in Flipboard for iPad

A little more than a year since Flipboard for the iPad launched, it has changed the way many people sort through news. It started out taking links from people a person follows on Twitter and Facebook and the expanding the links to display the actual news items in a magazine-like format. In this way, the people you like enough to follow on social networks curate news for you. Since then, it has grown to partner with featured content providers in addition to crowdsourced social network links. So, what’s their next move?

Reuters reports that Flipboard is planning to sell ebooks and display movies and TV shows. While plans for ebook sales are tied to Flipboard’s iPad app, it is not clear how movie and TV (presumably streaming) video will be delivered or how it will be different from Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video.

Social media magazine Flipboard pursues TV, films

So, how do you think the people you Follow on Twitter and Facebook can help you choose video programs?