Planking Craze Takes Over IndyCar Circuit

It didn’t take long for a Facebook fad to travel across land and sea from down under in Australia to Indianapolis, Indiana. When one IndyCar driver happened upon a YouTube video showcasing the Aussie craze ‘planking,’ a tweet spread around the circuit and quickly captured the attention of many.It appears that Wade Cunningham was the first of the racers to disappear the hysterical but sometimes dangerous game (hobby? meme?) where people lay horizontal in various public places, head down and hands at the side so as to be photographed and seen on Facebook.

“I swear, you can’t make this stuff up. This is seriously a new craze in NZ & Australia, it’s called PLANKING,” tweeted Cunningham.  Fellow racer Scott Dixon saw this, and quickly took to action.

Not long after, other racers of note began doing the same, embracing the absurd and hilarious practice by tweeting pictures of themselves. And here are the results:

Scott Dixon's first attempt, sans helmet.
Scott Dixon's second attempt, avec helmet.


Tony Kannan, over a bike, perhaps the best plank.














Not to be outdone, Alex Lloyd with his odder, funnier version.






















Ashley Judd, wife of Dario Franchitti, with her version of planking, which, if you are keeping score, really isn't planking at all.
















For more fun ones, check out the IndyCar website. Professional racers are among the most fun and interesting athletes, mainly because they think going 200mph around a track is normal. While there are similar childlike spirits in every sport, it’s hard to see a group of athletes embrace something so pedestrian and inane as racers. But we can hope.