Plan Your Funeral Before It's Too Late

As a kid I used to always think that when my time on this fine planet came to an end, I wanted my remains sprinkled around Yankee Stadium.

Given the new stadium and all of the corporate greed surrounding the sport, you can strike that from the record.

Rather, I’d like the unfortunate event to pass like a springtime breeze; Short, pleasant and virtually invisible.

Gosh, this is too morbid for a hump day blog post, but the folks at TC have brought a new Web site to my attention: MyWonderfulLife. The Minnesota-based startup gives everyday people a chance to share their final wished with the world, ensuring you get what you want – even though it won;t really matter anyway. After all, you’re dead, no?

So hold the gaudy gasket, creepy undertakers and stench of embalming fluid – if that’s your wish.

The site asks that you create a profile containing basic information. You can then get as detailed as you like. Among the options:

* Make Funeral Plans:
* Uniquely you or a more traditional funeral
* Location, speakers, readings and more
* Burial type, burial location and more

* Write Letters to Loved Ones

* List Your Stuff

* Write Your Obituary

* Design Your Own Headstone

I definitely have the willies even posting this. I’ve opted not to register yet, since I’m not sure how the idea truly sits with me.

Control freaks, party planners and that goth chick I once dated are sure to have a field day with the site, orchestrating every little detail of an event they won’t even attend.

If you’re wondering how people will gain access to your private post-death information, the answer is in the ‘angels.’ You select up to six people to share a link with that they are not to click on until you’ve passed. The e-mail is sent twice a year, ensuring that you don’t lose the link. Let’s be honest here, who the heck would have the discipline to wait to click? Not this camper.

So if I should expire before the day ends, I don’t need any fancy celebration or remembrance. Just tell my family that I love them. They already know this, but it couldn’t hurt to say it again. You’re not too shabby yourself, dear reader.