PlaceVine, Double Fusion Strike In-Game Ad Deal

PlaceVine — a startup Web service that connects brands and ad agencies with product placement opportunities in TV, movies and on the Web — is adding videogames to its arsenal through a partnership with in-game ad firm Double Fusion.
The subscription-based service, which launched last October, promises to provide advertisers with access to hundreds of for-sale product placement opportunities for a fee of $145 per month. Though the company won’t list specific shows or movies it has facilitated product placement deals for, its media clients include Fox Films, Fremantle Media (which produces American Idol), A&E Television Networks and the humor site Funny or Die.
According to PlaceVine co-founder of Adam Erlebacher, the company has signed 350 content creators and 200 brand agencies since launch. The firm does not make money on the actual placement deals, which are transacted on its site, but acts only as a facilitator. “We’re very much like a dating service,” he said.
Now, the site will begin providing its service for videogame ads, as Double Fusion has begun listing inventory from various titles it represents on PlaceVine. The choices range from online casual games to console titles. Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO of Double Fusion, believes the service will expose his company to a whole new set of marketers.
“Product placement in games is somewhat different than in films, but the value proposition is the same,” he said. “PlaceVine’s done a tremendous job bringing a lot of the top film and TV companies on board. We think a lot of brands they reach might not be aware of the in-game opportunities that are out there.”