Placecast Shopalerts Provides Opt-in Location Based Deals Alerts

Despite what I wrote on February 2010, hyper-local marketing has made its way to the iPhone since then.

Apple Destroyed the Dream of Hyper-local Advertisements in Apps – Opportunity for Android? (Feb. 2010)

TechCrunch reports that Placecast’s Shopalerts service provides retailer and merchant offers and discounts to consumers via their mobile phones.

Placecast Brings Location-Based Shopping Alerts To Retailer Smartphone Apps

The service works with retailer provided apps which sends a message from that business telling the nearby person about any deals or discounts that might be available. Placecast claims that ShopAlerts can locate over 268 million phones in the U.S., or 92% of all consumers. Customers receive notifications about deals from a retailer based on a geo-fence (a pre-defined, virtual space around a particular location). The service is opt-in.