Pkshr Photo Sharing App Lets You Save Photos of Those Near You

Pkshr 650

BrilliSoft has announced the release of its photo sharing app Pkshr on iPhone. Like Instagram, the app allows users to take photos and share them with friends and strangers on the platform, but Pkshr focuses heavily on the locations these photos were taken, and on the ability to instantly download other users’ photos for later viewing.

With Pkshr, users take photos as normal, which are tagged with location data so others can view all of the tagged images within a radius of up to five miles (starting with one mile out, and then increasing in .1 increments). Then, users can browse pictures other Pkshr users are sharing from their same location (like a museum, store, amusement park, concert, etc.). If users find a particularly great image, they have the option of saving it to their own device.

Pkshr users can customize this download privacy with one of three options. In public mode, everyone within their set location radius can view and save their pictures. In friends mode, that functionality is limited to Facebook friends within that same area. Finally, in private mode, users can take and tag pictures with locations, but no one else can see them or save them. When taking pictures privately, users still have access to others’ photos, which have been shared publicly.

“This app was developed in response to a clear and strong recent trend of mobile devices’ abilities to use GPS and Wi-Fi cross-referenced location services. Such facilities enable micro-location user interaction, the next step forward from the powerful but extremely anonymous global nature of traditional Internet usage,” said Nikolas Kairinos, chief architect at BrilliSoft. “Effectively, Pkshr has enabled one photographer to use and possess as many cameras as there are Pkshr users at any given event, simultaneously. Imagine a wedding where every guest has instant ‘view and save access’ to every other guests’ images on the day, as the celebrations unfold.”

Pkshr is available to download for free on iPhone.