Pizza Hut HD for iPad App Emerges & Weighs in at a Meaty 53.4MB

Pizza Hut’s iPhone has been available since 2009.

July 2009: Hefty (19.9MB) iPhone App from Tech Leader… Pizza Hut?

By the summer of 2010, Pizza Hut already expected orders from mobile device apps to account for 50% of orders in the future.

August 2010: Pizza Hut’s Take Out Ordering Future is All About Mobile

Their latest effort to achieve that goal comes in the form of their new iPad app.

Pizza Hut HD

The apps features are listed as:

– Adjustable button functionality lets you choose your favorite way to interact
– Our complete menu offers Specialty pizzas, pasta, WingStreet wings, drinks, sides, desserts and limited time offers.
– Guest Checkout allows you to order without signing in.
– Orders are automatically saved to your account for easy reordering.
– Most Popular items section provides quick and easy access to your favorites.
– Specials section provides updates on new products and deals.
– Checking out is easy since you can add credit card options without creating an account.

I thought the original iPhone app was “hefty” at 19.9MB. The iPad version of the app weighs in at a relatively huge 53.4MB.

Via Mashable: Pizza Hut’s iPad App Lets You Order From the Couch