Pixel Perfect: Paul Budnitz Interviews eBoy


Who better than the delightful Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz to sit down for a virtual chat with eBoy (Steffen Sauertieg, Svend Smital, and Kai Vermehr), the ten-year-old German artist trio credited with starting the pixel art movement? Budnitz, who collaborated with eBoy on a line of “Peecol” character toys for Kidrobot, has just posted his interview with the threesome along with some photos of them and samples of their work. Among our favorite quotes is Smital’s summary of his childhood in East Berlin. “I can’t remember it being very special being a child there,” he tells Budnitz. “Except that I didn’t get any Matchbox cars.”

So how did eBoy pick pixels in the first place? “We started to work with pixels because we wanted to create and publish our work on the screen only,” Vermehr tells Budnitz. “We were really excited about the new possibilities of digital reproduction–it was so cool to work on the screen and know that anyone who would look at our artwork would have exactly the same view of it. And it could be copied and spread through diskettes without any loss or huge costs!”

Having worked for such clients as Coca Cola, Pepsi, MTV, and Paul Smith, what’s the trio up to these days? When not teaching two days a week in Berlin, they’re working on wrapping paper and a Tokio poster. Adds eBoy, “And of course there’s always Peecol!”