Pixels.com Now Has an Augmented Reality App for Online Art Purchases

pixelAugmented reality sounds altogether futuristic, but it’s actually a fairly common visualization technique that’s even employed by the United States Postal Service. Would you use it to buy art? This app from Pixels.com lets you do just that: use augmented reality imagery in order to preview art purchases before making an economic investment.

With the app’s augmented reality interface, buyers can preview images on the walls of their homes, customize the images with thousands of frame and mat combinations, and then see exactly what the finished products will look like from different angles within a room. The app takes the guesswork out of selecting artwork, since everything is perfectly to scale. For instance, a 24 inch x 36 inch canvas print will appear on the wall at exactly 24 inches x 36 inches. As an individual walks around the room, the app uses the iPad’s video camera and a unique tracking algorithm to keep the image perfectly positioned in the desired location on the wall.


The app also comes with social features for art lovers to connect with artists by creating profiles, leaving comments, and sharing gallery events. Sean Broihier, Pixels.com’s founder and CEO said, “There are thousands of apps on the app store that allow users to share and comment on images. The Pixels.com app goes far beyond image sharing. It’s an e-commerce sales tool. It’s a product visualization tool. It’s an artist discovery tool and so much more.” That’s probably why Pixel also hinted at the possibility of finding love through art, but we’re not sure that’s as easy as finding a piece of art to purchase from the site’s 250,000 living artists and photographers.