Pixbrite Automatically Organizes Photos and Creates Collages on iOS

The app automatically organizes a user's photos into 'moments,' and creates collages for these moments users can share with friends.

Visbit has announced the official launch of Pixbrite, its photo organization app on iOS devices. The app organizes a user’s photos into a timeline of moments, and automatically generates photo collages users can share with friends.

Pixbrite can create moments from pictures on a user’s camera roll and Facebook account. These moments are split into two tabs for recent events and ‘flashback’ moments. While some moments may only contain a single picture (if users only took a single picture of a real-world moment), others may contain multiple photos, which are organized into collages users can instantly share to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as examples.

Pixbrite Screenshots

Users can edit their generated collages in a variety of ways. This includes changing the locations of pictures in the collage, or replacing or deleting specific pictures. Users can edit individual pictures with filters (among other options), and can change the overall layout of the collage, as well as the collage’s background color or pattern. Finally, users can add stickers and text to their collages, and can change the thickness of the lines between each photo in the collage.

When browsing their moments, users can tap a ‘Discover’ button on each one to view the moment’s related images. These may be additional photos from the same moment or event, those taken at related locations or those containing what the app determines are related ‘subjects.’ Users can edit individual pictures and share them with friends if they’d rather not share a full collage (or if a collage isn’t available).

Pixbrite is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is coming soon to Google Play.

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