Pixar’s “Cars” no hybrid

Of all the pieces that offer a look at Disney Pixar Animation‘s “Cars,” perhaps none is as interesting at the International Herald Tribune‘s assessment:

“An animated fable about happy cars might have made sense before gas hit three bucks a gallon, but even an earlier sticker date couldn’t shake the story’s underlying creepiness, which comes down to the fact that there’s nothing alive here – nada, zip. In this respect, the film can’t help but bring to mind James Cameron‘s dystopian masterpiece “The Terminator,” which hinges on the violent revolt of the machine world against its human masters. To watch McQueen and the other cars motor along the film’s highways and byways without running into or over a single creature is to realize that, in his cheerful way, Lasseter has done Cameron one better: Instead of blowing the living world into smithereens, these machines have just gassed it with carbon monoxide.”

We wonder aloud if “Cars” will suffer the same fate as Fox / Blue Sky’s “Robots” – a good but not great movie that was so oddly bereft of organic living things that audiences somehow rebelled.

Surely, it’ll be number one at the box office this weekend, but then what?

We’re also a bit surprised to learn there isn’t a hybrid in the movie, and that references to eco-friendly fuels made by George Carlin‘s character are largely relegated to stoner-hippie blather. Not that Pixar is necessarily a bunch of bed-wetting pinko Commies just because they’re up in Northern California, but really: Has John Lasseter been so busy with “Cars” that he never got a chance to see “An Inconvenient Truth“?

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