Pixar: State of the union is, what, exactly?

Reuters just moved an interesting story about the integration of Walt Disney Feature Animation (AKA The Gang that Couldn’t Draw Straight) and the golden child, Pixar Animation.

Apparently, the X factor is that the Disney folks are unionized and the Pixar guys aren’t.

“I know most people went through a whole bunch of different stages — ebullient euphoria, then, ‘What’s going to happen, are we going to get laid off?”‘ said Steve Hulett, business manager for The Animation Guild Local 839,. “But I know … that the anxiety that was there two or three months ago has eased.”

Observers said no plan has been put forth about how, and if, Disney’s unionized animators will fit in with Pixar’s nonunion and more freewheeling shop, but it appears that, in addition to Disney’s new “brain trust,” Lasseter and Catmull are bringing other aspects of Pixar’s creative culture.”

Stay tuned. This is going to get, um, animated.