Ad Man Markets Daughter’s Pittsburgh Steelers YouTube Song

In this day and age of a zillion would-be YouTube stars, it helps to have an edge. For 14-year-old LA based singer-actress Keely Marshall, who has made waves singing the national anthem at various sporting events, the YouTube edge is dad Kevin Marshall, head of Marshall Advertising in Tampa, Florida and an avowed Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

After Keely recorded a twangy ode to the Steelers, “Drive for 7,” dad went to work, posting links on various Steelers-related web pages and blasting out a press release, even though the video at press time is at a modest 12,500 views:

In addition to her anthem duties, Marshall has opened for the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Savannah Outen. She also once performed at an Obama rally. “As if it wasn’t already exciting enough having my Steelers in the Super Bowl, this song has made it that much more fun!” says dad at the very end of the familial PR. It will be interesting to see how high he can get the YouTube view count by Super Bowl kickoff Sunday. Go dad!