Pitching Via RSS

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We’ll begin by stating the obvious: media has changed, but unfortunately the way PR people pitch the media has remained mostly the same. Press releases, emails, and follow-up calls remain the norm.

Marshall Kirkpatrick at tech news blog Read Write Web lays things out today in a post titled, “Five Wrong Ways to Pitch RWW and One Great Way.”

The one great way? RSS feeds. Now we admit, given the nature of the publication Marshall writes for he may be more open to new ways of pitching than others. Certainly there are many journalists, and PR people for that matter, that have never used an RSS feed or may not even know what one is.

That being said, creating an RSS feed for your clients blog or news annoucements seems like a can’t lose situation.

According to Marshall:

The information that comes through these feeds is obviously public and there’s no embargo – but if we didn’t see something interesting in an embargoed email then we’ll see it in RSS. Likewise, many companies blog about things that they might not consider cause for a press release but that we definitely want to write about.

He goes on to say, “I know that’s where I get most of the stories I write about, not from email pitches.”

Valuable information for sure, but how fast until this spreads into other areas, besides just tech-savvy journalists? While RSS is great, in our opinion, nothing beats a trusted relationship. Has a journalist ever asked you to add him or her to your client’s RSS feed?