Pitching Second Life? Stay Clear of Advertising Age

Is your company, or for you agency folk, are your clients involved in the virtual world of Second Life? Now, Google has their own version, dubbed “Lively.” And the media are already bracing for an onslaught of PR pitches regarding this new virtual world.

Advertising Age‘s Ken Wheaton does not want to receive these pitches. He makes the case with a post today in the AdAges blog:

The first one of you who sends me a press release announcing a party or a conference or a store in virtual world Lively (from Google) is going to get a real-world office visit, complete with a real-world baseball bat. The only thing that will stop the ensuing rampage will be a real-world offering of Jack Daniel’s on the rocks.

Hey, we never accused Ken of not getting straight to the point! Make sure you have some whiskey, folks. You have been warned.