Pitching Back-To-School in July is Right on Time

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been a kid for a while so I don’t remember how this stuff works, but what’s up with all the back-to-school promotions in July?

The New York Times has already published a back-to-school roundup (you can bet there will be another before the first school bell rings) that says J.C. Penney is actually getting started later by launching this week.

The reason for all the early starts is the economy. With so many people strapped for cash, savings deals go a long way and retailers want to beat the competition to the punch. Still, The NPD Group has found that 60 percent of respondents to a recent study plan to do their back-to-school shopping on September 1 rather than August 1, a change from 2010.

PR Daily has already reminded you to get your holiday pitches ready (a reminder we gave a couple of years ago). And Susan Magrino Agency hosted its end-of-year holiday preview last week. Best advice: Take advantage of these quiet summer workdays to plan ahead.