Pitchfork is Launching a Weekly Magazine App for Music Lovers

Pitchfork is growing its digital presence with the addition of a weekly magazine app for offline reading. The magazine will be a collection of selected stories from Pitchfork as well as Pitchfork.TV – a multimedia experience with music news, photos, and upcoming albums with exclusive streaming.

The app is not the music site’s first app. Pitchfork’s music festivals in Chicago and Paris had accompanying apps, but until now, the music blog only had a mobile version that included content from Pitchfork.com. With the app, users will be able to access an editorial selection of curated stories as well as app-exclusive podcasts.

Pitchfork Weekly offers an opportunity for readers to have a totally immersive experience with Pitchfork’s original content in an offline environment. It will serve as a “weekly magazine” version of the site, drawing inspiration from the design of a print publication with enhanced photos, graphics, and long-form features and cover stories. With the pace of the web, it can sometimes be difficult to slow down and engage with great writing, and the sheer amount of words that we publish each week can be overwhelming. Pitchfork Weekly allows for a more focused reading experience, while at the same time taking advantage of the multimedia possibilities tablet and mobile apps provide.

There’s no clear date for the app release, which depends on the App Store approval process. Pitchfork expects it in early November with Android versions at the beginning of 2014.