PitchEngine/Cision Partnership Ends, Both Have New Services To Offer

PitchEngine and Cision have ended their partnership, and each has launched new services.

The partnership between PitchEngine and Cision, which began in 2011, has ended, with PitchEngine announcing plans for what CEO Jason Kintzler says is “a new kind of content distribution and deployment.”

Cision customers no longer have access to PitchEngine’s social media publishing services. However, in the press statement, Kintzler says, “Cision was notified of this change back in December, so there shouldn’t be any surprises”). Instead,Cision made an announcement of its own about changes in its service offerings.

Cision has launched a content marketing suite that lets customers create content like blog posts and white papers in their “social newsrooms” and push out those items on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Moreover, the suite provides opportunities for that content to appear via Reuters, the BBC, and other outlets in its publisher network. And it generates metrics to analyze.

Back at PitchEngine, they’ve launched Refinery, a “content cloud” that will not only serve as a repository for images, news releases, videos, and other marketing content that can be used by anyone involved with the PR and marketing, but will also publish the content onto the company website and other channels.

Kintzler told us via email that issues with the partnership led to the two companies going their separate ways.

“We didn’t like the way it was being implemented and so about a year (or less) into it, we pulled the plug in December 2012,” he wrote.

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