PitchEngine Puts Newsrooms on Facebook

I caught up with PitchEngine’s founder Jason Kintzler at the PRSA Digital Impact conference on Friday to see what he has in store for his service, and to actually shake hands.  PitchEngine has the unusual distinction of being based in Wyoming.  Kintzler blended just fine without his cowboy hat.

One offering we’ve covered before, and wanted to revisit is PE’s Newsroom for Facebook app.  Why would you want to put your newsroom on Facebook in addition to your site, or instead of on your site?  The answer can all be shoved in to the “why not” column.  Add an extra $20 bucks to your monthly PitchEngine tab and it’s a done deal.  Anyone who has conceived, planned and priced out the building of an app knows this is as free of headaches as it gets.

Because of price and ease of use, PE’s customers range from Fortune 500 brands, to Main Street mom-and-pops.  As Facebook continues its march to a billion users, adding this app follows the old hockey adage of skating to the puck, or, going where your audience lives instead of trying to lure them in to coming to you.

“We thought someone would develop a cool app for brands to share their branded content more permanently and it just never happened, so we did it,” Kintzler told me when I asked him why he diverged from his core business with so many consultancies already specializing in building apps.

Take PitchEngine client Noodles & Company (screenshot above) as an example.  Click the Newroom link on the left, noted by the little orange rocket, and you’re taken to a much cleaner single page aggregation of all of this noodle monger’s PR and social information including recent “pitches,” along with an email and two phone numbers for an actual media relations contact, and links to other socnets where the company resides.  I put the word pitch in quotes because Kintzler’s company calls any packaged content a pitch rather than a press release.

When you do click on a pitch within the Newsroom, you’re carried back out of Facebook to the social media release itself, where it can be commented upon, shared in eleven different ways, or used as the basis for a news story or blog post.

It’s an easy way to keep the important stuff from getting lost on a busy Wall.