PitchEngine Partners With Technorati and MyMediaInfo; Announces Media Relations Platform


First on PRNewser: PitchEngine, the multi-media content distribution company, is readying a new media relations platform called Pitch! Mainly, the platform will enable one-to-one private conversations between media and PR pros, among other features.

The service seeks to make things more manageable for PR pros by allowing them to create “pitches” and interact and respond to media requests on a private platform. From the media side, journalists can post questions to the Pitch! page and opt-in to receive updates by company, category, or contact. Journalists can also pitch brands or organizations when they’re looking for sources for a story.

“We want to re-shape the way companies look at PR distribution,” said PitchEngine founder and CEO Jason Kintlzer [pictured] in an interview with PRNewser.

“Instead of sending press releases to email addresses, we’ll be creating conversations and sharing content with real people, network style. We’re aiming to cutout PR spam and cut-down on emails, voice-mails and other traditional PR outreach methods,” he said.

The partnerships with Technorati and MyMediaInfo give Pitch! massive media databases in which they can ramp up the service.

The service will be priced similar to PitchEngine’s other offerings, with a 30-day free trial, $49 per month at the base level and a professional level at $250 per month. The company plans to begin rolling out beta invites shortly.

It will be interesting to see if the service catches on and replaces tried and true PR practices of email and phone relations. PitchEngine’s social media releases have certainly caught on, as the company counts thousands of clients, including IBM, Zappos, CNN, Xerox and Chrysler.