Pitch of the Day: Did Michael Jackson Die From Toxic Fat?


From time to time at PRNewser, we get the “I’m trying really hard to tie my client to a current event” pitch. Sometimes they’re actually relevant, sometimes they’re distasteful, and ocassionally they just really throw us for a loop. That’s what happened yesterday when a reader sent in a pitch and wrote, “This is the worst effort to ride a story ever.”

The subject line, in all caps, of course: “DID MICHAEL JACKSON DIE FROM TOXIC FAT?” But wait, it gets better.

[image: Coertie! on Flickr]

Did Michael Jackson die from Toxic Fat? Probably not. But Millions of Americans will die from Toxic Fat this year. Dr. Barry Sears, creator of the Zone Diet and author of Toxic Fat, is available to explain the Toxic Fat Syndrome. Dr. Sears warns that not only is Toxic Fat Syndrome a detrimental health risk, but Toxic Fat Syndrome will have a catastrophic impact on the American economy. In his latest book, TOXIC FAT: When Good Fat Turns Bad, Dr. Sears offers convincing evidence that elevated levels of a natural fatty acid known as arachidonic acid (Toxic Fat) induced by radical changes in the American diet provides the missing link to obesity and may be at the root of many other chronic diseases as well, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

This Toxic Fat is not only making Americans fatter, but also is killing us. Furthermore, simple solutions to our obesity epidemic such as eat less, exercise more is only making the problem worse unless you first reduce the levels of Toxic Fat in the body. Dr. Sears is a renowned scientist and author who has proven time and again that his insights are at the cutting edge of nutrition. If you would like to have Dr. Sears on your show to provide expert commentary or discuss his latest findings, please contact me at (email) or (phone number). Best regards, (name of flack).

Generally, we don’t “out” the offending pitcher, and we won’t in this case either. Send your bad (and good) pitches to PRNewser.