Pitch Influential Stories on the State of Maine for Down East


Down East is a magazine all about Maine. The monthly pub aims to highlight what makes the state so special. As editor-in-chief Kathleen Fleury says: “Maine is very diverse in terms of the kinds of people, the lives and places that make up the state.” The mission of the mag, she adds, is to really scour the whole state and “find the stories that communicate what Maine is and share what makes it unique.”

The pub is 50 percent freelance written and editors are looking for writers with a literary touch. Furthermore, high-quality writing and originality are a must. So what kind of content are the editors looking for? Here’s a snippet:

The “Talk of Maine” section, in which the magazine highlights a timely local issue, often with a controversial bent, is [a] spot for freelancers to target. It can be meaty, too. “If someone had a great 3,000- to 4,000-word piece that was about something important in Maine but wasn’t necessarily visual, that would be a great place for it,” Fleury said. “We’ve written articles in this section that have changed legislation in the state. We view it as an important platform.” Word counts vary. Features might range from a short service item on up to 6,000 words.

To hear more about this mag, including what mistakes to avoid when sending in your submission, read: How To Pitch: Down East.

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