Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde wants to create an NSA-proof messaging app

Image courtesy Heml.is

With the knowledge that our “private” instant messages and conversations aren’t actually private, Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde has decided to take a stand. He wants the help of consumers in creating a “private” messaging app called Heml.is (the Swedish word for “secret”), in order to guarantee that no third party can intercept users’ communication.

Heml.is is based on end-to-end encryption, so “only you and your friend can read what you write.” This is proven technology, says the Hemli team, which they are using to create the most “secure, fast and reliable service possible.”

To help ensure privacy, the Heml.is team isn’t accepting any outside investment money or anything with “strings attached.” It will also only store messages to the service’s private servers (and not to a third party system), and only until the intended recipient has received them.

The app will contain a contact address book, allowing users to store all of their friends’ information in a single, private place and view it freely. The app has been designed in the same look and feel as applications on Apple’s recently announced iOS 7.

As of this writing, the Heml.is app has reached 149% of its original $100,000 goal, but there’s still time left before the funding period expires. Donators of $5 will receive two codes to unlock the app once it’s complete. These codes can be used to unlock one iOS and one Android version of the app by the same person, or used by two separate individuals (in cases where a user wishes to give a copy of the app to a friend). Heml.is will be available for free on both iOS and Android.

Watch a video for Heml.is below:

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