Pipes in the bag? FCC forcing approval of Time Warner’s binge eating

A fascinating look today from The Daily Deal, about how TV gets from the studios to your eyeballs.

Normally, speaking of things ocular, you mention distribution and folks’ eyes glaze over. But the Deal shows how thrillingly high-stakes the battle between the cable and internet companies are, and sort of explains why the U.S. is so woefully behind the curve in home entertainment delivery when compared with South Korea or Europe. Ostensibly, the ‘Deal piece centers on whether Time Warner will ultimately get permision to acquire the bankrupt messpile known as Adelphia Communications.

(You’ll recall, everyone at the top of Adelphia went to jail for fraud.)

Buried inside the ‘Deal story is an interesting nugget, one that will very well determine the future of how you get to see entertainmnet.

“The Democratic commissioners would also like the net neutrality provision to go even further by prohibiting Comcast and Time Warner from charging Internet content and service companies for guaranteed delivery of gaming and video broadband services at the highest possible speeds. “


Want to take us on? Well, we’ll deliver your video to your consumers, but if you want them to look less like a cartoon flip-book and anything resembling TV, you guys gotta pay extra.

That’s a whopper. Imagine: If, while you and I play a little game of one-on-one hoops on my court, I charged you for breathing air.

Incidentally, am I the only one who thinks Democratic FCC commissioner Michael Copps looks alarmingly like the John Locke from “Lost”?