Pioneer Woman, Jezebel Top ‘Influential Female Voices’ Ranking

Figuring out which blogs are influential is trickier since the birth of Twitter and Facebook. Uniques aren’t the only measure, and the term “blogger” encompasses so many different kinds of writers that there really are no best practices in terms of engagement. Whatever works, works.
The major “listening” platforms such as Radian6 all offer some form of influencer identification on their dashboards, while Traackr offers bespoke pay-per-name lists based on highly customized needs.
Rather than go that route, Access Communications built their own scorecard and ranked bloggers using four different measurements, plus a fifth input, their own subjective analysis. They use Yahoo! for measuring popularity, PostRank for engagement, Alexa for traffic, and Compete for rank. The Access Blog Influence Engine, or ABIE, currently has 5,000 entries.
There’s no mention if Access plans to resell its data to other firms or companies.

They also split the women’s universe in two, separating lifestyle blogs from “traditional” mommy blogs. The Pioneer Woman came out on top on the mommy side, and not surprisingly the Gawker Media-owned Jezebel topped the women’s list.
Access also ranked the top 20 food, men’s, small business, and tech blogs. Slashfood, Asylum, Business Opportunities, and Gizmodo came out on top respectively. It’s telling that the scores are higher in tech. The list is dominated by blogs that are part of a bigger network, or have multiple authors. These are highly optimized, frequently updated, attractive to advertisers, and are staffed with edgy writers capable of landing scoops. Gizmodo scored a perfect 100, edging out TechCrunch’s 99.
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