Pinterest’s Facebook App Is On the Rise with 2.5 Million Daily Users

After months of rapid growth, Pinterest’s traffic took a turn for the worse in April, dropping 25 percent. But May is looking better for the online Pinboard. New statistics show a steady climb in the number of people who use the Facebook app every month, while the amount of daily activity has more than doubled.

According to AppData, a site that provides Facebook and iOS application statistics (that’s from the same parent company as Social Times), Pinterest reaches 10 million monthly average users through its Facebook connection – an increase of 1.7 million people in the last 7 days. This is still lower than than the site’s peak of 12.1 million MAU on March 23, but nowhere near its low point of 8.2 million on April 17.

The number of daily average users showed a significant increase on May 3, when traffic jumped from 1.2 million to 2.1 million people overnight.  That was also the day that Pinterest went “pinternational,” announcing in a blog post that the company was looking for translators. The numbers fluctuated slightly during the last week, rising again today to 2.5 million DAU.

Looking at the DAU as Percentage of MAU (a method of predicting user retention), Pinterest appears to have risen steadily as well, up to 25 percent today from its low point in April of a little more than 9 percent. Yesterday, the company announced a t-shirt giveaway to encourage users to share their stories on what they’ve done with the site. The company also seems to encourage meetups among its users, which is something that’s worked well for other networks like Tumblr and SoundCloud.

What happened in April is still unclear. It’s possible that the hoopla surrounding the company’s new privacy policy and user agreement scared away users, or that the new spam controls were too prohibitive. Facebook also fixed 26 bugs between April 24 and May 1, according to the Developers Blog.  Whatever it was, Pinterest seems to have recovered.