Pinterest Tips for Writers and News Orgs

pinterestpagearticle1.jpgWhile Pinterest has clearly struck a chord with the masses, what exactly are you supposed to do once you get there? Is just a bunch of photos enough, or are there some real strategies for Pinterest success?

In its latest AvantGuild feature, Mediabistro spoke with some early adopters to find out the hallmarks of the best Pinterest pages. While we’ve already discussed here on 10,000 Words how great the Pinterest pages of Newsweek Daily Beast and Wall Street Journal are, some of the other strategies journos are using may surprise you. For example:

Tip No. 3:  Use #hashtags and keywords

Much like on Twitter, tagging your pins with trending hashtags or keywords will help you to find new followers. Searching for other pins and boards using hashtags will also help you find similar brands on Pinterest, so you can follow them, repin their content or just check in on the competition.

Take Brazen Careerist’s Gen Y Guide. Click on #college, and voila! You’re now in a stream of similar content for students and recent grads. So, if your beat is food, go one step further on your boards by labeling photos with #cooking or #recipes as necessary. Just don’t overdo it. The simpler your pins, the more likely your users are to share them.

Get more strategies and examples in 6 Keys to a Great Pinterest Page.

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