Pinterest Marketing Service Leverages Influencers

HauteLook sings praises for HelloSociety's pin-marketing tools

HelloSociety today has unveiled a suite of Pinterest marketing products that includes analytics, a contest platform and creative tools. But its chief application centers on what the Santa Monica, Calif.-based software firm characterizes as an "audience builder," while offering the services of top influencers on the social-pinning site.

Indeed, it's a take on's Twitter influencer program of famous folks as well as the marketing services offered by the bevy of so-called YouTube celebrities. HelloSociety has built a roster during the last year, including people such as fashionista Lauren Zwanziger (5 million Pinterest followers), mommy blogger Jamielyn Nye (4.1 million) and crafts expert Michael Wurm Jr. (3.6 million). The taste-making pinners are part of a "HelloPartners" feature, which offers a brand to their legions when the products at hand fit their area of expertise, per HelloSociety.

"We represent 250 of the most influential pinners," said Kyla Brennan, CEO of HelloSociety, part of Science Inc. "We don't deal with anyone that has less than 200,000 followers. Our network produces 223,000 pins per month from 23,000 unique websites, which get a combined 17 million re-pins and 7 million Pinterest likes."

The stat her firm really wants to amplify is its claim that, during one year of beta-testing, HelloPartners created $30 million in additional sales for clients like HauteLook, Buick, JackThreads and David Sobie, vp of marketing for membership-based flash deals provider HauteLook, has utilized in past years while beta-testing HelloPartners during recent months.

"HelloSociety has gone from a test [situation] to a full-fledged part of our strategy in terms of member acquisition for the coming year," he said. "We are pleased with what we are seeing while getting high-quality members at a [good acquisition] cost. It's a little bit different than other campaigns. For instance, day of the week seems to matter a lot more. We see a lot more activity on the weekend, which is pretty consistent with the way people use Pinterest."

Sobie said his brand is increasing its Pinterest budget—but not at the expense of Facebook marketing. "Some verticals resonate better on Pinterest than Facebook [and vice-versa]," he said. "For instance, the home category doesn't work on Facebook but does really well on Pinterest."

Meanwhile, Brennan from HelloSociety detailed what her company is offering when it comes to data. "We focus on the Pinterest stats that brands care most about, which comes down to sales conversions, engagement and follower increases," she said. "It has to do with how much each pin produces in revenue and what pinners produce the most revenue for brands. We also help them compare themselves to competitors on Pinterest."