Pinterest Introduces Free Analytics Tools

Pinterest Web AnalyticsWe’re going to take a wild guess here: many of our readers have felt some pressure to more fully utilize Pinterest as a PR tool but hesitate due to a lack of the quantifiable ROI stats that mean so much to clients in our Big Data era. Fret no longer, social brand managers: you have no more excuses!

Today everyone’s favorite pinning site launched Pinterest Web Analytics, a free data management tool that mirrors the ever-popular Google Analytics and Facebook Page Manager tools. What will it do? It will give page runners (not personal pinners) the numbers that matter most: how many users re-pin your pins, how many view each pin and how many visit a given company’s site from its Pinterest page.

This is all part of Pinterest’s long-term plan, and it’s a natural next step after the service introduced company pages last November. In fact, if we had to guess we’d say the Pinterest team is laying the groundwork for a public offering–and they’ve learned from the great Zuckerberg’s mistakes. Last month company founder Ben Silberman told The Wall Street Journal about his plans to “monetize”, and facts like “Pinterest leads to more referrals than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Bing and Google” and “Pinterest users are 10% more likely to make a purchase from an ecommerce site” than surfers who arrive via other sources are sure to make the service even more attractive to all those Wall Street all-stars who are still trying to get rid of all their Facebook stock.

Here’s the most important question, though: will you, as a PR pro, be more likely to use Pinterest to promote your clients now?