Pinterest CEO Talks Balancing Work With Parenthood

Pinterest logoIt’s about time! We read a short piece in today’s Wall Street Journal mentioning Ben Silberman, Pinterest Inc. chief, and how he balances a busy work schedule along with being a dad.

This seems refreshing since we often read about women tackling this issue on a daily basis. It seems that men rarely get asked this question or they rarely talk about it so we tip our hats to the top executive’s ability to openly dish about a topic so many people struggle with daily.

The ex-Googler told the paper he’s cautiously going to open his site to advertisers. Oh, did we mention Pinterest is only four years old and is already valued at almost $4 billion? Sweet.

The 31 year-old indicated fatherhood to his 18 month-old son is “awesome.” He also candidly mentioned the first few months were “really tough.”

As it relates to parenthood, he remarked:

“I think taking a break on the weekend is really important, but Pinterest is my favorite product and I want to make it awesome, so I really enjoy working on it every day.

I carve out time where I’m 100% at home and I’m not online at all. If you have a kid you want to be actually there for your kid growing up, not half there and half on email.

I wake up with him and make him breakfast and take him to daycare and I try to be home for bath time. Stuff like that. Then I’ll hop online to do work after that. I absolutely love working on Pinterest but I don’t want to miss out on being a dad. So I try to prioritize.”

We hear the rest of the interview will be published in tomorrow’s paper.

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