Pinterest: 2 Billion Idea Searches Per Month

Looking for ideas? It happens more than 2 billion times every month on Pinterest.

Looking for ideas? It happens more than 2 billion times every month on Pinterest.

Pinterest engineering manager Naveen Gavini announced in a blog post that there are more than 2 billion idea searches on the social network each month from a database of some 75 billion ideas from more than 100 million users.


In addition, since launching its visual search tool last November, more than 130 million visual searches are being conducted on Pinterest each month, Gavini wrote.


Pinterest also shared the following search-related statistics in an email to SocialTimes:

  • Searching on Pinterest is now twice as fast thanks to infrastructure updates.
  • Pinterest’s search infrastructure returns more than 3 billion pins per day.
  • Users see an average of 55 ideas per search, or about five times the number of text results generally returned by search engines.
  • Pinterest users outside of the U.S. are three times more likely to see localized content in search and related pins than they were one year ago.

And Gavini shared details on how Pinterest was able to beef up its search tools:

Building idea search is a whole new technological challenge, and to make it work, we’ve had to come up with new ways to build our search tools. Here’s just a few of the things we’ve been building that make Pinterest’s idea search so different.

We’re building the world’s catalog of ideas, and over 100 million people around the world have already saved 75 billion ideas here. So unlike regular search engines, which are powered by robots, Pinterest is powered by people and the ideas they hand-select.

With so many millions of overlapping tastes and interests to draw on, Pinterest has the best “people who love X, also love Y” ideas you’ll find anywhere.

Readers: What have your experiences been like with Pinterest searches?